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Shell Island Rocket mk1

Shell Island (wales) Rocket Test Launch. The 2m high rocket got off to a great start until its parachute jammed which resulted in it falling into the deep blue sea. The problem was using a cheap bin bag for the parachute that when rolled up, it eventualy expanded in the body and acted like a saftey ear plug, sticking to the tube and not allowing the parachute to pull out with the force of the ejection charge. Watch the video here.

Re-Useable Firework

This re-useable rocket is designed to hold explosive materials in the main body tube wich will detonate when the recovery system is ejected. The explosive material could be pottasium nitrate soaked paper left to evaporate therefore creating an explosive paper whcih can then be shreaded into smaller paper picces ignited and sparkleing into the night sky. This recovery system is a fire retardent propellor system which rotates and causes lift as the rocket saftely decends to the ground.

Grass Seed Spreader Rocket

This 1m tall cow print body tube designed rocket feels right at home in a country field blending in to a cows natural habitat. The cows will be even more deligted to find that when this rocket is launched it evenly scatters 1000's of grass seeds onto the worst grazed areas of a field to replenish the area with newly grown grass ready for grazing upon within a few months. Why not even try loading the rocket up with a selection of flowering plant seeds to create random species of different plant all growing together in a aerial sown garden. This recovery system is a red parachute designed to stand out amongst green gras and brown dirt.

Toasted Marshmellow Torpeedo

Insipred both from camping sessions around the fire and the film "Ghostbusters" where toasted marshmellow falls from the sky as the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man is flamed into 1000's of pieces of marshemllow falling from the sky. In this slightly more hygenic approach, small marshmellows are indicidualy wrapped in foil parcels and loaded into an extra wide body tube capable of storing approximatly 20 marshmellows. Onces launched the rocket soars to 500 feet where the parachute recovgery system ejects and also throws nicely toasted (by the exothermic heat of the ejection chgarge) marshmellows into the sky falling to the ground, just cool enough to unwrap and eat. (great for kids partys)

Aerial Confetti Cannon

This metre tall high altitude rocket has been designed to eject thousands of dried petals or biodegradable confetti above your wedding party showering everyone in enviromentaly friendly love. The finalie is when a huge heart shaped paracute ejects from the rocket and then comes gently flying back down to earth. Other items such as lightweight sweets can shower the crowd.

Black Powder Electronic Fuse Ignition System

Using extremly fine guage copper wire, a 12v power source and a standard match, an electronic fuse ignition system can be created. The system comprises of a 8ch relay board and arduino.

DIY Cluster Bomb Firework

Under consideration



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