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 Robotic Developments:

None Destructive Testing (NDT) of Carbon Fibre using a 6-axis Robotic Arm

Watch the 3 minute video here.

Pick & Place Jenga Tower Rebuilding Robot

Using ABB Industrial pick and place robot and the RAPID programming language i was able to implement an algorithm that was capable of picking up small pieces of wood randomly placed on a conveyor belt and stacking them in a neat palitised structure ready for packing or playing the game jenga.

Navo Kinect Full Body Gestural Control

Creation of client server architectures using both TCP and UDP methods for transmitting live video streams and robotic instructions over the internet. Absolute control proved more desirable than unreliable relative control. Instructional key presses from one computer would cause an animation of a specific joint to move on the computer generated robotic illustration displayed on the other remote computer

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle using Visual Navigation

Using Ar-Drone 2.0, Simulated in Matlab 2003, Coded in C++ using OpenCV and Visual Studio 2010. Various control methods were used to allow a camera equipped modified helicopter to fly autonomously over a helipad in preparation to land for replacement of its spent batteries. The helicopter was capable of determining its current position and correcting when necessary in order to hover at a stable 3D position. See the video here

Multi-Robot Cooperatrive/Team Football Game

Two teams of football playing mobile robots were created along with a scale football pitch and overhead camera. Several fuzzy control systems were developed along with an image processing pipeline that enabled each team to play against each other by all working collectively to defend, support or attack.

Simultanuious Localisation And Mapping (SLAM)

Successfully programmed the Kheppera mobile robot to simultaneously navigate and map a room containing obstacles. The graphical representation of the environment being discovered was illustrated by drawing discovered lines where the infrared range data had detected an obstacle or free space at that position.

NXT Johnny 5 Robot Replica

JohnNXT is an accurate desktop-scale–sized replica of the famous robot Johnny 5 from the Short Circuit 1980s movies. This is a fairly complex robot which requires more parts than the ones included in the two NXT retail sets to build it such as old school lego technic chain links and tri-directional infared proximity sensor. Im Alive! (hopefully by christmas 2016 anyway)

                                         Johnny 5 IS ALIVE!


Using Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 2.0, a tea-light and a non-continous air freshner aerosol, the robot navigates randomly around the room untill its camera locates a green balloon as a target. The robot then follows the target until it is within flaming distance and then fires a 2 foot flame at the ballon filled with gas to anahilate its targets. 


Using Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 2.0 to develop a 10th scale working prototype of a battle robot  thats shall compete in the comeback of my favourate tv show "Robot Wars  2016".

Weapons include Flamethrower, Self Righting Mechanism/Flipper, Pneumatic Ram, EMP Micro Drone, Smoke Screen & rockets 











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