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John Pinder's Archive of Work and Interests

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Click to see full video! John & Glenda Pinders Drone Wedding Video

Dr John Michael Pinder has some unusual hobbies including Rockets, Robotics, Automation, Hydroponics and Drones to name a few. Most of my low-cost inventions can be made yourself or purchased online via secure paypal. Check out my PinDrone Facebook page for the latest videos and photos of weddings, events and Drone Piloting Experiences.

Shell Island DIY Rocket Test Mk1Non Destructive Testing Robotic ArmSolar Automated Reconfigurable Adaptive Hydroponic ControllerDrone video of Sunny Beach in Bulgaria

I also have a LinkedIn page for more professionally related work which mentions some pretty cool Artificial Intelligence applications for Industry 4.0 which is already happening all over the world as we speak known as the fourth industrial revolution which I'm lucky enough to be involved in developing the UKs factories of the future. See our blog for updates and technical dicussions. 

YES, I am talking SKYNET from the movie Terminator, thankfully from an advanced digital manufacturing perspective (not a crazy automated missile defence program) that should help keep Britain doing what they do best making high quality products on time and at low cost without impacting adversely on the environment. On that note, please go and have a look at my website, live long and prosper, and remember, you only get out of life what you put in. Clifford Neil (Granddad)













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